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Citrus Floats

What could be more interesting than watching a colorful Citrus Theme Float?

Since 1998, The Citrus Parade Float was introduced as a way to celebrate a new tradition.  In prior years, the Holiday Parade only had regular floats or pre-fabricated floats.  It came to the idea that in order to make this parade more marketable in the nation, rather than making it a local event, the Citrus Parade organizers introduced the Citrus Float, as part of the campaign from the Citrus Farmers.  They entered a Citrus Theme Float, like the one below:

The Citrus Farmers (2001)

Then of course came the City of Orlando and Orange County.

Orange County Goverment (2005)

City of Orlando (2005)

Before long, the sponsors quite like the idea.  Since every year, there is a different sponsor that may have participated, every float is unique.  Most of the floats seem, are from The City of Orlando, Orange County and Florida Citrus Sports.  Some years the parade may have entries from commercial sponsors.  Here are a few examples:

Florida Dairy Farmers (2001)

Florida Power, before merging to Progress Energy (2001)
Florida Power and Progress Energy where sponsors of the Orlando Citrus Parade
in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003.

Florida Citrus Farmers (2003)

Darden Restaurants, Olive Garden and Red Lobster (2003)

FL-USA (2003)

Vision TV Orange County (2004)

City of Orlando (2004)

Sea World, Discovery Cove and Bush Gardens (2005)

Florida Citrus Sports (2005)

Anheuser-Bush, Inc. Brewery (2005)

Champs Sports (2005)

Orlando/Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau (2005)

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